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Why did we decide to take an old idea and make it new?

We make no secret about the inspiration for our product range being the original Black & Decker X32365 Cushion Drum Sander. It was such a handy tool to have in the armory 'back in the day' and we were at a loss when trying to find alternatives once Black and Decker had discontinued it.

Fast forward a few years and our parent company, Finishing Aids and Tools Ltd, received so many enquiries that we decided to explore selling direct to the end users via a webshop and VOILA! was born. The price of foam has fluctauted wildly in the COVID years and finding a consistent supply of technical foam to suit this application was tough but we are proud to say that all items are sourced on the UK mainland and we are producing great results with abrasives that are converted in Bury,Lancashire.

Supplementary grinding belts are now making their way onto our site - if you haven't tried Scotchbrite on this drum then we strongly rec

ommend you give it a try - the results on pre-varnished wood in AVFN is incredible and the non-woven nature of the material also prevents the classic problems with 'digging in' on the periphery of coated abrasive belts.

Belt cleaning blocks will also help you get an extra 20-30% life from your coated Alox and Zirc abrasives - it really is a no brainer and the blocks on our site should last non-industrial users an extremely long time (think years, not months)

We can also offer smaller diameter sanding options that fit drill chucks so if the pipe you're working on is smaller than 130mm diameter please get in touch and ask about our range of Spirobands and Holders (smallest 10mm diameter, largest 75mm!)

Long story short, we decided to give it a go to help people in the same situation we found ourselves in - a large corporation forgot about us and the product that we loved, so we figured out a way of replacing it!

We attach our FINAIDS product catalogue for your information - if you have any questions about products, would like technical advice or quotation, please don't hesitate to give us a call at either FINAIDS branch or check out for more info

Metalworking SN UPDATE 2022
Download PDF • 3.17MB

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