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Which sandpaper for Metal?

Another answer to one of life’s great questions…we get asked on a daily basis what material to use when sanding metal - the answer varies depending on working materials but inevitably it’s the same - anything Zirconium Oxide based (typically blue in colour). The scientific reasons require a lengthy answer but the crux of it is: Aluminium Oxide causes non-ferrous materials to rust, Zirconium Oxide does not. Zirc belts are universally suitable for metalworking up to P120 - past this point finer grades of White Aluminium Oxide don’t penetrate the work surface enough to cause discolouration over time so switch to ALOX after P120 if required.

More exotic, Ceramic materials can be used in the mass manufacture of Stainless Steel but for practical/hobby/DIY use at home Zirc belts should get the job done.

We manufacture our own belts so please let us know if you would like to try something different and we will happily provide quotations and lead times.

Stay safe and happy grinding!

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