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Which sandpaper for Wood?

Updated: May 21, 2021

We get asked on a daily basis which type of abrasive material to use for sanding wood. The very short answer is "anything with aluminium oxide in it up to around P120" - while short, this is definitely something of an over-simplification. Yes, it's true, if you're sanding doors or skirting boards at home ready for that new look decor that's all the rage then using a simple paper-backed alox sandpaper will do a great job, but if you're going further into finer finishing or presentation of wooden displays it's likely that you're going to want to go finer - this will then lead to a great lacquer finish that you can see your face in (after you've given it some serious elbow grease!). The alox belts you find on our website are cloth backed - we do this for longer life and greater value (among other benefits) but when you're taking multiple grit sizes of belt off something like our FINDRUM you want something with a strong edge that isn't going to perish after one rotation.

Finishing Aids and Tools Ltd have been the UK agent for Ekamant since the early 1990's. Our RKX range of cloth backed alox belts offer a great balance between performance and price. You can find more about our woodworking products at:

If you have any questions regarding our product range or require some technical advice on how to use our products please send us an email:

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